Thursday, June 3, 2010

Well this is my last blog. i havent really done much blogging at all ive only had three posts this semiester i was never really into it. I havent had any comments on any of my blogs proabably beacasue they arnt that intresting. I wasnt really intrested in any of the blogs i posted they were all school realted and i did them for a grade. I never really know what to put on my blogs cause im not too good with words but i try my best. This is my last blog and im saying farewell. farewell to seymour and all my friends. I have to go back to pulaski next year and graduate from there. i really dont know what else to say so i guess farewell!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Everybody has cells phones these days. cell phones are one of the main ways of communication you. i text all day when i can where i can. i use my cell phone to go online and look at my myspace and my facebook and i use it to listen to music and play games. wtih out my cell phone i could honestly say i would be lost.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Well before i took this class i never really knew anything about blogging i always thought of it as a waist of time and never really got the point of it and i guess well...i still ahve the same fews about it but yet im sitting here doing it anyway haha. there are many great bloggers in the world and they all have something to say.

Im going to give you a few links to some bloggers who i think i pretty good.

1. Jorge R.
2.Virgil G.
3.Cassandra S.
4. Eagle 14.
5.Zac B.

I hope you all take the time to see what these few people have to say.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

im putting this video on my blog because in english class we are reading the classic fabel of Animal Farm by George Orwell. this video basically explains the whole book in one short 4 min music video

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

bolg 3

to help protect the enviornment at home i go around the house turing off lights that dont need to be on and unplugging things that arent even being used but no one else in my family seems to really care accept for my mom because by turning off the lights and unplugging things is saving her money. i do my best to not waste water and consereve electricty. i am constanly serparating recycables out of the trash i talked my mom into getting energy efficant applians and light bulbs. if more people around the world would help out and do very simple things global warming wouldnt be such a problem.

i got the idea for my blog from this blogger challange